Wow, what a busy year it’s been so far… and I am looking forward to the Easter break. A lot has happened at ATU in 2014, but the most exciting thing is that I am expanding – literally. I am now a little over 3 months pregnant and getting excited about some new arrivals on the scene later this year. I say arrivals (plural) because its twins!! Lucky I have some great support behind the scenes both in business and the home front, so it will be business as usual :)
Maybe it’s a motherly instinct kicking in, but I have been spending time recently pondering what is really important in life (to me anyway) and what values I hope to instil in my children. What really ticks me off is lack of manners. Anyone who knows me, has been a client of All Trained Up or works with me, knows that I mean what I say, do what I say and always respond to emails and phone calls, no matter what!  I make it a point in my business that if anyone takes time from their busy day to call or email me I will get back to them – guaranteed! I even state this guarantee in my voicemail message!
So my question to you is… what is your moment of truth?  Quite a few years ago, Jan Carlzon wrote a book titled Moments of Truth. At the time, Calzon was the CEO of Scandinavian Airlines Systems and had helped the company reorient itself to become customer-driven and as a result, more profitable. In his own words, a company that recognises that its only true assets are satisfied customers, all of whom expect to be treated as individuals and who won’t select them as their airline unless they did just that. It’s pretty much common sense that treating others how we like to be treated is not only the decent thing to do, but it can be more profitable. The moment of truth for Carlzon was every opportunity to make a difference when in contact with customers, by and large on the front lines. Is your organisation actively engaged on the front lines? Are you actively involved in satisfying customers? Sir Richard Branson of Virgin uses this type of innovation on a regular basis. The largest Tire Retailer in the US built their $1.5 billion business using it. State Farm lives and breathes it every day. What’s stopping us from doing the same? Nothing but ourselves…
I encourage you all to think about what little things can make a difference to your customers. Find your moment of truth and reap the rewards!