One of the most common challenges people seem to face is getting everything done…. I know I relate to that!  Time management is one of our most commonly requested training topics.  I often run workshops on other topics, such as sales success and leadership skills and a little bit of time management always seems to flow into it – because let’s face it, it’s hard to have success in any aspect of your life or work if you can’t maximise the use of your time. Every workshop, for every participant has an A HA moment – that one thing that really hits home; that is the biggest take away to improving their work performance. I love hearing at the end of each workshop what each person’s  aha moment is. So often, what hits home are my tips on self-management.

I start every “time management” workshop with telling the group, I don’t believe in time management. It’s true! I tried it for years, and it just doesn’t work!  Time management simply is not the answer to increasing productivity. What I do believe in is Self-Management.  We all have the same amount of time in each day; it’s such a great resource, because it really is the only one I can think of that we are all equal in. Nothing will change how much time we have – we can’t manage it to get more of it. The only thing that will maximise our given time, are the choices we make in managing ourselves.  The benefits of effective self-management include:

  •  Improved results
  •  You have the feeling of being in control
  •  Improved performance
  •  Speed work up
  •  Lower stress
  •  Fewer errors
  •  Reduce fire fighting
  •  Become more motivated
  •  Achieve a better work/home balance

3 of my favourite tips to achieve this are:

Manage your energy – know when you perform at your peak. I am what’s known as a Gazelle – in other words, a morning person who is much better at doing high cognitive tasks when my brain is in top gear first thing in the morning. Hey, and I don’t even need my morning coffee first to be firing on all cylinders!  Are you a Gazelle or a Bear?

Priority management – Life is not about getting everything done, it’s about deciding what is most important and getting that task done

Quit being a perfectionist – (I can hear some of you gasping for breath, ready to vehemently disagree) So many of us are perfectionists and can spend hours and hours poring over a task, not happy until we consider it perfect. In business, with so many demands, I have had to learn “good is good enough”. I realised my perfectionist tendencies have no impact on the positive influence I’m having on others and, coincidentally, they have no impact on the amount of income I generate.  If I hung on to my old ways, I would probably still be sitting here typing out my first e book! I am proud to say, it is up online and has sold many copies.


Saying all of that, my absolute favourite “self-management” trick is to understand and acknowledge what my big rocks are! I also need to know what my little pebbles are and my sand; those things that can either be used proactively to fill in the gaps or if not prioritised correctly – can fill up all my time and leave no room left for the big, important rocks!  This is the key to reducing stress right here! So if you don’t know what your big rocks are, and you are too busy with pebbles and sand – you need our “Time Mastery Workshop”.