10 04, 2014

ATU is expanding – literally!

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Wow, what a busy year it’s been so far… and I am looking forward to the Easter break. A lot has happened at ATU in 2014, but the most exciting thing is that I am expanding – literally. I am now a little over 3 months pregnant and getting […]

3 03, 2014

Profit is King, but Training Rules

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“It’s so hard to find good people” or “why can’t I get people to just do what I tell them to do”. Sound familiar? Well, life could be so much easier if more businesses trained their staff.  We all know about the importance of setting a marketing budget in […]

19 02, 2014

Big Rocks Rule

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One of the most common challenges people seem to face is getting everything done…. I know I relate to that!  Time management is one of our most commonly requested training topics.  I often run workshops on other topics, such as sales success and leadership skills and a little bit […]

10 02, 2014

Have you got the 2 vital ingredients in your business? Are you looking after it?

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A lot of my energy (and frustration) has been taken up lately with wondering why it seems so hard to find good customer service in business. It seems that, as a whole, we have become so used to lacklustre service throughout our shopping and sales experiences that we just […]

31 01, 2014

What’s up Sydney?

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What started out as a great idea, ended with me questioning what is up today with Sydneysiders! I had a quiet morning; no meetings, no urgent deadlines so I decided to treat myself with a trip to the beach. It was a great opportunity to relax, recharge and cool […]

20 01, 2014

Don’t you trust me? The things you need to know about delegation

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The thing I hated most with managers in my past was when they delegated work to me, and then proceeded to tell me precisely how to do it!  I mean, come on… don’t you have any faith and trust in my ability? What am I doing in this role […]

14 01, 2014

Doing Things Differently This Year!

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Welcome to the New Year! I have been back on deck now for two days and getting prepared for some big changes in 2014. Funnily enough, as I was reading the paper this morning and having a coffee – I like to start my workdays off with a quick […]

28 12, 2013

Anti Bullying Legislation – Coming into effect Jan 2014

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As someone who started an international corporate training company from scratch, with a desire to improve leadership, customer service and productivity in the workplace I have been asked numerous times what I think of the new anti-bullying legislation to come into effect in 2014. As far as bullying is […]

18 12, 2013

Are you a horrible boss?

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Yes, I have come across my fair share of workplaces that are not really anyone’s idea of a great environment to work in. What makes a workplace less than ideal in most cases is the boss! Here is the top 11 things the most irritating, and demotivating managers excel […]

1 08, 2013

Are you Evolving or Revolving in Business?

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Success in business depends on our willingness and ability to change with the times. Most people are reluctant to change; to do things differently. I believe the greatest skill you and I need for the future is our ability to be flexible and to have a mentality that business […]