What good is knowledge if you can’t put it into practice?

We design all of our training programs in such a way that makes the information memorable, engaging and transferable to the workplace. This is the role of a trainer, to use the latest learning techniques and an engaging style to help you see yourself in a new light, and being capable of change.

Sometimes though, it’s tough to change, go outside your comfort zone and take the workshop into the workplace in a practical sense. We don’t leave you at the end of the training day all hyped up with nowhere to go…. Our success is judged, not on how motivated you are at the end of your workshop, but what you do with the training content to bring about real benefits in the workplace. That’s why we offer a complete coaching program for all participants in our leadership workshops to turn you from a manager into a leader.

We coach leaders to implement their learning in the workplace and bring out their best leadership from within themselves.

We believe that you have everything inside of you to be the best leader you can imagine. We have been coaching exceptional leaders for the last 13 years.

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Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

You travel with us with you on your unique journey to help you implement the competencies and processes of All Trained Up:

  • Understanding the big picture
  • Create a team vision
  • Dealing with priorities
  • Communicate expectations
  • Effective delegation
  • Encourage and foster innovation in the team
  • Turn conflict into opportunity
  • Deal with difficult behaviour

We help you use the All Trained Up templates and processes to put your best thinking into action.

You will also have the benefit of someone helping you clarify your thinking and strategies for your unique situations to bring about your best possible outcomes throughout your year.

Are you ready to be your Best You for your next 12 months?

Are you ready to have the success, the results and the satisfaction that comes from having a high performance team, led by an extraordinary version of you?

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Many leaders make the same fundamental mistakes, regardless of skill and they are:

  • A failure to engage their staff properly
  • Lack of planning
  • Don’t formally develop their existing talent
  • A disconnect between business goals and individuals professional goals
  • Settle for low productivity due to “busyness”

Investing in your leaders and future leaders is the key to ensure you or your business stops making these mistakes and starts realising the benefits of greater efficiency.

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In the cut and thrust of implementing at the coalface, leaders need to have a coach.

Leaders need to have goals.

Without well-structured goals, a leader has no system to support them, organisation has to be reinvented every day and the process of controlling your project becomes overwhelming. That’s how a coach helps you. They not only help you design a well-structured goal, they also help you write it in such a way that the end is in mind with every part of the goal.

Not only that, your coach will help you construct a vision from your goals as well as facilitate the planning process using your skills and knowledge of your workplace. Your coach helps you be organised, focused and working from a well thought through plan.

Leaders need to have vision

After you create your vision, you need to work your vision. Your coach helps you communicate your vision to your team, your investors and your alliances. Not only that you will be encouraged to review and absorb your vision daily. Any important decisions will also be reviewed against your vision. You and your team will be aligned with your vision.

Leaders need to be held accountable.

Who keeps the leader accountable to their values, their word and their plans? Their coach. Your coach needs to be honest and have the courage to tell the truth when it really counts. Your coach holds you to the track you have chosen to achieve your projects. Your coach keeps you honest.

Leaders need to have high quality thinking.

How do you bring your best quality thinking to your project? Your coach helps you do this with process, regular meetings and on the court coaching. You will be learning how to bring your best thinking to situations and problems with your projects.

Leaders need to meet their coach.

You start this process by having a meeting with your coach. You will set your goals and by the end of the meeting you will have a good idea if your coach is a good fit for you and your purposes. You will determine in this meeting if there is a fit in communication, rapport and inspiration – the three necessary ingredients to an effective coaching relationship.

Leaders need to start.

So talk to All Trained Up and start this process. You won’t be disappointed.

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What the All Trained Up Coaching process looks like:

Coaching Sessions

Either held on a weekly basis (recommended for the first 90 days), or fortnightly. Your initial session will go for an hour and a half and you will set inspiring goals and start the process of building your vision. Sessions after that go for an hour’s duration. Within each session you will be reviewing your progress in your goals, working with strategy, dealing with obstacles and creating actions that will move you forward toward achieving your goals.

Your Investment

Payable on a monthly, in advance basis:

Your weekly coaching process is $760+Gst a month

Your fortnightly coaching process is $400+Gst a month.

Coaching Tools

The full range of coaching tools is included in the coaching fee. These include communication, values and skills audits.

“In the Field” Hotline

As part of your coaching agreement, if you get stuck ‘in the field’ you agree to phone your coach. This is so you can be coached through any challenge you may be facing.

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97% of people are only giving themselves 80% of their Capacity in implementing their new learning’s.

Why you need a coach.

You learn the skills of leadership in the training room. You apply the skills of leadership in the cut and thrust of your particular coalface.

The secret to success is unwavering focus, clarity of intention and being accountable to your word, your plan and your project.

That’s why everyone needs a coach.

You see, as a leader, you are responsible. In that responsibility, you are in charge of making things happen. If you lose focus, if you forget your intention or if your accountability wanders, then you are creating problems for yourself and you start losing your way. And if you have lost your way, then what are the people following going to be doing?

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As a leader, you need a coach.

You need to focus on what’s important to your project. A coach helps you set well-crafted goals that make sure the important things are things you will make sure come into life.

You need to have clarity about your end results. Your coach helps you create and review powerful and compelling visions that motivate and keep you on track.

You need to hold yourself accountable to your plans and your actions. Who holds the leader to account? Their Coach! Who tells the truth and gives courageous feedback when it’s most needed? Your Coach!

All top performers in sport have a coach – it’s essential. You need a coach to find the competitive edge of your game. You need a coach to help you find your best, at the edge of your comfort zone. You need a coach, to keep you performing, keep you on track and help you achieve your greatness.

If you are playing a bigger game, if you are wondering how you are going to pull your next role or project out of the hat, if you are punching above your weight, then you need a coach.

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What kind of leader takes on a coach?

  • Anyone who wants to fast-track their learning, raise their performance levels, be an inspirational leader or who wants to achieve the biggest results of their career.
  • Anyone who wants a high performance team who create outstanding results.
  • Anyone who wants to turn a dysfunctional and low performing team into a success story.
  • Anyone who is building a success story in their career as an outstanding leader.
  • Anyone who wants to play a bigger game, to punch above their weight or to demonstrate their ability to lead their team to success.
  • Anyone who is humble enough to accept support from someone who has their best interests at heart.

What kind of leader are you?

Are you committed to being excellent in what you do and to create extraordinary results with your team?

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Training, Mentoring and Coaching are three distinct and different processes with very different outcomes

A Trainer is someone who is an expert at transferring Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in the field you are seeing success in. If you wanted to climb a mountain, then your trainer would educate you in the knowledge about mountain climbing, help you practice the skills of mountain climbing and would help you develop the mindset of a mountain climber. A good trainer will help you find a mentor and a coach to help you climb your mountain.

A Mentor is someone experienced and successful in the field you are seeking success in. If you wanted to climb a mountain, then your mentor would be someone who walks up and down the mountain every day. They are someone who can advise you of opportunities and dangers ahead. They help you see around corners, they help you manage sensitive political situations, by means of their experience in such matters. A good mentor will introduce you to people who will help you and they will be your advocate and referee.

A Coach is different. They are someone skilful in the art of asking you questions that unlock your best thinking, your passion and your focus. If you wanted to climb a mountain, then your coach would be someone who is skilled in helping people get the best out of themselves. They may not know about your mountain, but they know a lot about people. They help you maintain your focus and clarity about your end result. They hold you accountable to keeping your word about your actions. They help you bring your best thinking to your actions. A good coach will help you learn fast about your mountain, the people you will meet along the way….and yourself.

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