The thing I hated most with managers in my past was when they delegated work to me, and then proceeded to tell me precisely how to do it!  I mean, come on… don’t you have any faith and trust in my ability? What am I doing in this role in the first place? I don’t know about you, but I hate being micro managed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate of delegation and believe it is a great leadership tool; it just has to be done well. Here are 3 quick tips to ensure you are an effective delegator:

  1. Trust the person you are delegating to; don’t just delegate the task, delegate the ownership too!  It is really tempting as a manager to cut to the chase and just tell your team the quickest and easiest way to do the task (all learnt from your years of experience of course). However for more effective results, empower your team with permission to come up with new ways of getting stuff done. This will get their creative thoughts flowing; they won’t feel restricted by having to do things your way, and who knows… they may come up with an even better way of getting the job done? Less control = More trust
  2.  Don’t be a hoarder. As a manager one of the worst things you can suffer from is the “nobody can do it as well as I can” disease. As a leader, it’s important to be generous with tasks.  One of the top reasons people are leaving their organisations today is they feel their skills are not being utilised. Let go of some of them (not just the mundane ones), and create more energy in the team with new, and interesting tasks that may challenge their comfort zones.
  3. Give and get feedback.  We have all heard the saying “feedback is the breakfast of champions”, and you know what? It really is, particularly for successful business. Successful businesses get that it’s about people; and you will get better and more sustained results from people who are regularly kept in the loop. Ensure you include an evaluation opportunity at the completion of the delegated task and check the results based on agreed outcomes.  Provide specific feedback to your team member on their performance, contribution and what they did well/could improve upon, give credit where its due and because feedback is always 2 way – gain your own by asking how you can delegate more effectively next time.


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