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New Leadership Book!

Our latest e book is perfect for any aspiring, new or struggling team leader. This was based on the demand we had from people wanting to know how to make a successful start in a new leadership role.
I guarantee, this book will show you (or your new team leaders?) how!

If you are interested in learning how to:

  • Understand corporate culture
  • Make others want to follow you
  • Understand how to motivate others
  • Learn the best leadership styles

Then this book is for YOU.

It’s the perfect, easy read to overcome all common challenges in leadership today!

‘This is an opportunity for you to enhance your reputation as a proactive leader who is a creative problem solver and a solid team player!’
“This is the last inspiring sentence in an important and inspiring book for newly appointed Team Leaders. Melinda Reihberg is the inspirational author of this handbook for new Team leaders. She draws from her own experience as a Leader who struggled and finally acknowledged she was out of her depth, and writes about how she turned that experience around to become one of the best Leadership Trainers in Sydney. The book has a simple straightforward writing style, an easy to follow layout, and is full of the helpful knowledge that will set a newly appointed Team leader on their feet from day one in the role. A must for every office, every business. I highly recommend this book”
Hannah Collins, Small Business Owner Operator, Your Critter Sitter
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