A lot of my energy (and frustration) has been taken up lately with wondering why it seems so hard to find good customer service in business. It seems that, as a whole, we have become so used to lacklustre service throughout our shopping and sales experiences that we just accept it as the norm – but why should we? Is it so difficult to provide an experience to a customer that makes them feel important, appreciated and even wowed? I have been thinking more about this lately, because I had a good experience and it literally blew me away. The thing is though; he really just did his job! He delivered what he promised, always returned my calls, elicited feedback and even followed up! Wow, the full sales process in action!

What I should acknowledge is that whilst it shouldn’t be unusual to experience great customer service, I understand that sales people can get de motivated, feel unappreciated or even lack the necessary skills. People are the back bone of successful business – they are the most important of two ingredients vital to any business success – the other of course being money! You won’t keep attracting money into your business though if you don’t have the right people servicing it – hence people being the more important part of the equation.   So, here are 8 ideas to ensure you are cultivating your number one asset!

  • High performers enjoy being able to grow and extend their skillset and grow with the business – if your business is stagnate, chances are people will also stagnate
  • The best athletes in the world recognise that they need regular coaching and training to maintain peak performance – it’s the same in business. They don’t get to the top and say, well I am successful now, so I don’t need to keep training. That’s when they ramp it up! Imagine if everyone had that mentality in business too!
  • High performers typically have a mindset of continual learning. Once they are not being pushed, they walk.
  • Regular refreshers in sales skills ensures common sense is common practice
  • Good training can help people systematically think through problems and develop effective solutions
  • Growth, support, relationships and environment make for a happy employee
  • Challenging people, creating clear opportunities for career growth, a workplace with minimal stress and conflict are some of the keys to a successful business
  • Ensure you provide the environment where people can match the business values and purpose to their own and be an integral part of the team – people thrive when they have some input and control over their own career

So there you have it. Proven ways you can get the best out of your team. My last word of advice – if you aren’t providing regular training and development opportunities, you are not maximising your greatest asset! Don’t be the fool who thinks training is just to learn new skills – it is the most valuable continual motivation tool you have. (Biased yes, but I am passionate about training and the difference it makes)