Yes, I have come across my fair share of workplaces that are not really anyone’s idea of a great environment to work in. What makes a workplace less than ideal in most cases is the boss! Here is the top 11 things the most irritating, and demotivating managers excel at…

1. Keep all future plans for your team and the business to yourself.
2. Take all the glory, never praising, acknowledging, thanking or recognising your team.
3. Think that salary is the only thing that matters to them; they should be thankful to work for you!
4. Get their pays wrong, pay late or don’t pay extras like superannuation.
5. Only employ them in ways that suit you, like casual or contract. Then change their hours at short notice.
6. Forget their names, their birthdays, their partner’s name and any other detail that is important to them.
7. Pay team members different amounts for the same work and experience.
8. Promote someone and add responsibilities, but keep their pay the same.
9. Give feedback to an employee about their work once a year rather than regularly.
10. Give inadequate equipment support and resources.
11. Offer no training, mentoring, coaching or support.

It’s time to rethink your behaviour if you recognise yourself in there, or perhaps time to consider other employment opportunities if you spot your current boss in there!