Do you have trouble dealing with poor performance issues? Don’t worry you are not alone… it can be one of the toughest areas of leadership.

A leader’s role is to manage both good and bad performance. A good leader will hold their team accountable. Accountability is the gift that keeps on giving. Although not always pleasant, holding a staff member accountable in the present will actually save stress in the future. Not only do you improve the likelihood of that individual improving, you also signal to every other employee what is not acceptable. If you don’t deal with an issue as soon as possible, you end up with larger issues. There is no bigger de-motivator for staff than seeing what others get away with. Ensure that the people in your team want to take the journey with you, if they don’t, they need to be encouraged to jump off the bus at the next stop. There is definite skill in being able to achieve this effectively; our training will take the hesitation out of it. Successful teams’ work together and are united by the team goals you have all set.