My first management position lasted exactly one year – a year I affectionately refer to as “My year from hell”.  I went into my management position with the greatest intentions. Unfortunately, the team didn’t judge me on my intentions; they judged me on my actions. What I found difficult to understand was that I had been a great travel consultant, why couldn’t I just get everyone performing at that same level? My biggest challenges were understanding, relating to and managing very different personalities within the team, gaining respect, delegating work to get the optimal required outcome, motivating the team on a daily basis and how to handle underperforming team members. With hindsight, and the practical and theoretical experience I have since gained, those challenges are now simply part of the territory of leadership and the how to is what we will share in our training workshops at All Trained Up. You see, the greatest mistake I see time and time again is a business which just expects a newly promoted or hired manager to innately know how to deal with these common yet difficult challenges. At the heart of it, leadership is about people. What makes people tick and providing the type of environment for others to shine in.  Very few are born with these skills, but very often the training to acquire them is not provided…leading to many unhappy managers and underperforming teams. Leaving my first management position quite disillusioned with the whole thing, I took some time to re-evaluate and reflect on my skills, career and what went wrong. Simply, what I had lacked was the knowledge, the opportunity to learn the foundational skills necessary to make an impact on my team. I knew I was passionate about sales and exceptional customer service and wanted to impart this knowledge on others. A training career was born! A natural progression with training is coaching and mentoring business people. This experience and further studies developed my leadership skills to become my new passion. My biggest issue when going into businesses is their inability to provide enough support to new team leaders. I hate to see new leaders in the same position I was in many years ago. A head and heart full of desire to inspire their team, but no practical know how to achieve this. After 12 years of corporate training, I launched All Trained Up – a training company that specialises in providing the essential skills to turn a new manager into a leader. We make the transition period smooth and set a new leader up with the skills to manage a high performing team for the long term.  The harsh fact is that most new team leaders fail in their first 18 months in the role simply because they are not equipped with the skills…that’s where we come in!