Negotiating Know How: Achievement strategies – 1 Day Workshop

It is obvious that both personal and professional relationships work best when everyone in the relationship has something to gain. However, while the people concerned may hope to achieve this aim, it is not easy to manage unless those concerned have refined skills in negotiating conflict and clearing up differences.

This workshop deals with good negotiation and gives you tools for dealing with any conflict that may arise. You will find that, through your career, a good grounding in the art of negotiating will provide you with the skills you need to enable you to deal with, and influence those around you. If you are able to do this positively and effectively it will stand you in very good stead as a very important life skill

You Will Master:

  • Effective prioritisation skills
  • The ability to deal with interruptions assertively
  • Skills to delegate effectively using the unique ATU steps of delegation
  • The successful behaviours of negotiation
  • What overused yet counteractive tactics to avoid
  • Dealing with workplace and life conflict effectively and proactively

Investing in your staff is the key to ensure you or your business STARTS realising the benefits of greater productivity and performance

How you will benefit:

  • Enhanced communication skills to use in various negotiation situations
  • Greater confidence in your own abilities to approach and deal with negotiation
  • A better choice of approaches to use
  • The ability to develop new strategies to improve the outcome
  • Your staff will be better equipped to deal with negotiation with colleagues and clients
  • Better results when going after new business in a sales environment

Training Options:

This training workshop, due to its popularity, is run as both a public workshop regularly throughout Australia and in house – it’s up to you! All in-house training workshops, held either on your business premises or at a location of your choice, are customised to suit your individual requirements. Each business, along with each leader and their teams are unique and we embrace this uniqueness by delving into your specific needs.

Before we deliver any training for you we will come out and discuss your issues, goals and the bottom line benefits you want to achieve from your investment. The training content will be guided by you. What we promise you is that each course will be driven by your desire to boost negotiation performance, results and engagement. An investment in your staff is an investment in your business.

Your investment:

Your investment for a public workshop is just $597.00pp (including morning tea and lunch). If you choose to run an in-house customised program, your investment will vary depending on the size and location of the group. Simply send us an email or make a call and we will be happy to provide a proposal that meets your needs.

Our commitment:

As with all our programs, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the training program. If applied, the skills learnt will make a positive impact on your negotiation skills and business performance.

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