Personal Productivity and Effectiveness:
Strategies for success – 1 Day workshop

If time is the only resource where we are all truly equal, why is it then that some people seem to achieve so much more out of their day than others? It’s not because they have more time, they just know how to structure their time and day for maximum efficiency. This workshop is so much more than time management, it’s about self-management.

We will equip you with the skills to communicate confidently and assertively, learning the positives of the word No, how to establish the difference between submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour and make choices about your own behaviour and be clear on the aspects necessary for true personal effectiveness. If you seem continually behind the “8 ball”, struggling to meet sales targets or find it hard to find that elusive balance in your life, this course is for you.

You Will Master:

  • What effective communication really is and how to apply the skills
  • The difference between assertiveness, submissiveness and aggressiveness
  • How to become more assertive
  • How to use your voice of authority
  • How to say no when you can’t say yes (and not lose friends in the process)
  • Self-management systems that actually work
  • How to use your time effectively to achieve real work/home life balance that has meaning to you

Investing in your staff is the key to ensure you or your business STARTS realising the benefits of greater productivity and performance

How you will benefit:

  • You will save time, get more done in your day and be more productive in the process
  • Greater job satisfaction, because you will become the master of your day
  • Simply feel more in control of your time, your day and your life
  • Become more innovative, creative and insightful in your role because you won’t be forever fighting fires reactively, we show you how to live and work proactively

Training Options:

This training workshop, due to its popularity, is run as both a public workshop regularly throughout Australia and in house – it’s up to you! All in-house training workshops, held either on your business premises or at a location of your choice, are customised to suit your individual requirements. Each business, along with each leader and their teams are unique and we embrace this uniqueness by delving into your specific needs.

Before we deliver any training for you we will come out and discuss your issues, goals and the bottom line benefits you want to achieve from your investment. The training content will be guided by you. What we promise you is that each course will be driven by your desire to boost your personal productivity, results and engagement. An investment in your staff is an investment in your business.

Your investment:

Your investment for a public workshop is just $597.00pp (including morning tea and lunch). If you choose to run an in-house customised program, your investment will vary depending on the size and location of the group. Simply send us an email or make a call and we will be happy to provide a proposal that meets your needs.

Our commitment:

As with all our programs, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the training program. If applied, the skills learnt will make a positive impact on your productivity and business performance.

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