“It’s so hard to find good people” or “why can’t I get people to just do what I tell them to do”. Sound familiar? Well, life could be so much easier if more businesses trained their staff.  We all know about the importance of setting a marketing budget in business – after all, if no one knows about you it’s very hard to sustain a business, little less make a profit. Marketing should be seen strictly as an investment, with at least 50% of a small business owner’s time spent in this area. However, all the national advertising in the world only gets your prospect to the door. It’s what happens after that, which really counts!  Having a team that appreciates the customer and makes it a memorable buying experience is what takes a business to the top! Team training really is one of the best investments you can make. I speak with training participants every day who see being sent to a workshop an investment in their future. Train your staff to be multi-skilled, which not only reduces costs, it provides your people with variety. They will better understand all facets of the business, and feel more useful; this in turn increases productivity and staff morale. Good training of course also benefits the customer, as they will enjoy doing business with you. Staff will learn that treating their customers with respect and empathy will create long-term trusting relationships and look for opportunities to refer family and friends. The purpose of training is not just about learning new skills – I’ll bet most people who work in customer facing roles and are not engaged with their customer, do not go out of their way to make the customer feel special but give what I call bad service, do it not because they don’t know what good service looks like– it’s because they are not empowered at their workplace, do not feel valued and have no reason to. Regular training ensures common sense becomes common practice, unites the team, makes staff feel valued and builds a stronger commitment to the business they work in.   Team training is also a great way to build team spirit – that’s why we make sure it’s fun too!