I have had many bosses over the years, and during this time I have noticed particular qualities that great leaders share. With that in mind, I have come up with the top 5 tips and commonalities in the best managers and team leaders I have known.
1. Little things do make a difference – knowing people’s name, greeting them in the morning and getting to know what they care about really does benefit everyone.
2. Praise – Dont overlook the value of praise. It is a small step that can truly benefit the morale of an employee and it doesn’t require much effort.
3. Create a Vision – Ensure you provide a clear sense of direction and purpose to people’s role, by ensuring they understand how their work contributes to the company’s business strategy.
4. Hold them accountable – A leaders role is to manage both good and bad performance. There is no bigger demotivator for staff than seeing what others get away with.
5. Make time to have fun and be visible – The hardest environment to work in is one where employees do not feel they can approach their manager/leader/boss. To encourage your employees to feel comfortable coming to you with work-related issues/concerns, it helps to stay visible.